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Mental Health

how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb weed

I am an enthusiastic consumer of marijuana. This has been true since the first time someone smoked me up when I was 19. For the four years I spent dating the first man that ever got me high, I mostly smoked with him. I thought about weed like I thought about drinking. It was a […]


tarot therapy, part I

I’m in the process of designing a full tarot deck for myself. The combo of quarantine and 6+ weeks of unexplained hives has made me anxious and frustrated and I’ve been itching — pun intended —for a creative project and a lens through which to process my feelings. Rather than picking a really specific overarching […]

tarot therapy, part II

Missed the intro to this series? Read about it here. This is the first half of the suit of wands: ace through six. ACE OF WANDS:lupinus The ace of wands card is for new beginnings rooted in creativity or innovation. I picked a flower that stood tall and strong, that represented originality, and that was […]


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