BEHIND-THE-SCENES: 2019 in Review

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This year isn’t 100% over, but it’s getting there and I’m starting my 2020 planning, so I wanted to share some milestones and talk about my goals for 2020.

1. I started (and will complete) a certificate in User Experience Design

This degree has really helped me think about how to get my personal website in order and how to better serve clients. It’s my hope that the clout behind the program I completed will make me a more attractive candidate to customers seeking web design and re-design.

2020 Goal: Book three clients for entirely new web design work or full rebrands.

2. I transitioned from Etsy to a custom storefront and invested in a WordPress business account

My store now has its own branding and I’m no longer subject to the whims of Etsy’s fees and algorithm. BUT I haven’t quite figured out how to capture that occasional passive income from someone finding my stuff while browsing. So,

2020 Goal: Figure out how to generate more passive income, whether that’s re-listing best-sellers on Etsy or finding directories/search engines that do that same work.

3. I released two full product lines

I released a Pride line and a fall line this year. These included my first apparel pieces, my first buttons, my first enamel pens, and more. I learned a lot between the first line and the second and I’m looking forward to applying even more lessons learned.

2020 Goal: Streamline pre-sales, better determine the wants and needs of my market, and work on new marketing tactics like influencer marketing.

4. I did my first brand collaboration

I was connected to another brand by a friend and we worked on a collection together. I learned a lot about how to structure an agreement and that there are things I can ask for from the outset to make a collaboration fair.

2020 Goal: work with two different brands on collaborative projects.

5. I booked my first package client

I really loved working on developing an entire new brand. I came out of the process with a better pricing model and more markets to tap.

2020 Goal: Hone my client niches and target my marketing to them. I’d like to book at least one client a quarter.

6. I booked my first long-term, recurring client

Yes, I will take some more stability, thank you. Working with these folks has made it clear to me that I have the expertise necessary for long-term consulting. I have enjoyed getting to know a brand intimately and hope to continue doing that with others.

2020 Goal: Book one additional recurring client

7. I started my first full rebrand

I’m halfway through the rebrand — we’re through logos and style guides, moving toward a website face-lift and creating/updating social channels — and that work is happening at a good pace. I have updated my process and paperwork for branding work and am prepared to establish a more efficient process for rebrands.

2020 Goal: Design the complete rebrand process from beginning to end and book one full rebrand.

8. I completed the first season of Sects Sell and ran the entire second season.

Season 1 ran weekly for 13 weeks and covered some of the majors — these pieces were fully-realized and connected to specific retro inspirations. Season 2 was 31 daily pieces inspired by a wider variety of cults and coercive controllers.

2020 Goal: Complete Sects Sell Season 3 in October with a narrower set of parameters.

9. I started making a living doing client work.

It took until September of this year, but I’m finally done with Instacart and Postmates.

2020 Goal: Double my 2019 income. If I accomplish my other goals, this is well within reach, but however I get it done, this is the most crucial goal. I gave my business two years to become self-sufficient. Those 2 years end in March of 2021. If I can double my income in 2020 – and continue growing in 2021 — I’ll be solvent by then.

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