DSM Diagnoses Puzzles

My sister is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to the G-rated parts of the GBD line. She’s a child psychiatrist, so whenever we drop something in the vein of a “don’t fuck with my queer kid” she’s there to say “hi, hello, can I have one with no f words?” — and that was the inspo for “it is safe for you to be yourself here" design.⁠

She's also one of my absolute best customers. We’ve done pieces of her dogs, she has our art all over her office, and she came to me with the idea to make puzzles that would help her students review DSM diagnoses. ⁠

We picked five disorders — three that I have and two that we thought they’d be resonant for other folks in my audience — and I made a piece for each that reflects how it feels to experience.⁠

I went to her review session to watch students put the puzzles together for the first time and it was so cool to see them use the illustrations to do a differential + diagnosis and to share which symptoms were depicted and which weren't — the hardest ones to draw can be the hardest to spot, imho. 

The disorders are pictures below, in alphabetical order: ADHD, ARFID, Major Depression, OCD, + Schizophrenia/Paranoia.

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