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Bridget Woodbury (she/her)
Owner, etc. | Galaxy Brain Design, LLC

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About Me

Hello, hello! I’m a white, cis, queer woman making art in and around Baltimore, MD + Washington, DC — on unceded Susquehannock, Piscataway, and Nanticoke land. I have OCD + RBF, a killer therapist, and a medical cannabis card. I love eating pizza, doing late night internet deep dives about cryptids + hauntings, and wandering around looking at street art.

I’ve been making art since I was a toddler and — after detours into stage management + working at a national arts service organization — I started selling my art in April of 2018, quit my job in August of 2018, and have been trucking along ever since.

Galaxy Brain Design finally got its name in July 2020 when I took an edible in the afternoon and thought “how do I combine outer space + inner monologue?” Now we sell online, in juried craft fairs, at Pride events, and in retail stores via wholesale. I also regularly get to collab with my two favorite Hannahs: the Hannah I am bound to by marriage + the Hannah I am bound to by a manic dog and a Vampire Diaries podcast. Here are some quick links to more of the story:

About My Art

My personal art practice centers around mental health, bein’ gay, and, idk, what it means to be a good person in a society? I work in both digital and analog formats and my work features a lot of natural elements like plants, celestial bodies, and geographical features. It’s vaguely autobiographical and very honest.

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