Red Pill

A mock 1950s magazine ad depicting a 1950s housewife dropping a blue pill into an outstretches man's hand. Text reads: "INDIGESTION & NERVOUSNESS" "Have a blue pill, ya dumbass""Why do all of these ads have so much tiny copy? They use serif italic fonts that remind me of the font in my HS copy of Frankenstein. I almost didn't read it because of the font and I'm really annoyed that someone would make Mary Shelley and the exploration of otherness seem boring, exclusively because they're bad at making typesetting decisions. This ad copy on the other hand... Woof." "You know, this isn't even like warnings or anything in the original ads — just really, distressingly earnest copy often about how you love your wife even though she's crazy and/or dumb" "Guys Common Sense Treatment"

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