our story

I started my adult life as a freelance opera and theater stage manager and I’ve been building brands and websites — specifically my brand and my website — ever since. I spent half a decade on the stage management grind, working in venues like the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, The Lyric Baltimore, and the Center for the Arts. While working as a proud union stage manager, I earned a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Arts Administration from Goucher College. After graduation, I was hired by a national service organization and spent 3 years revamping and strengthening the brand of its membership program. Galaxy Brain Design started in April 2018 as a little side project called ‘bridget makes stuff.’ It was a way to keep my creative juices flowing while I worked there.

At the end of the year, I left my abusive employer without a plan — then my girlfriend went to L.A. and gchatted me to tell me she wasn’t coming back, so I said, ‘fuck it,’ and started trying to build a life that would make me really happy.

I relocated from DC to Baltimore, signed up for five different side hustles, and started drawing as much as I could. I also earned a Graduate Certificate in User Experience (UX) from the University of Baltimore. I ditched the side-gigs in December of 2019 — very grateful for that timing given what happened a few short months later —and I took on a bunch of web and graphic design clients.

Galaxy Brain Design, LLC was officially formed in the summer of 2020 after I ate an edible. I’d been trying to think of a name that combined my preferred topic — thoughts + feelings + mental health — with my preferred subject — space stuff — and on that fateful day it all finally came together.

We ended up here: I have a full roster of clients that share my values, my online shop is self-sustaining, and I’ve made the jump to retail and pop-ups.

Galaxy Brain is a Made in Baltimore member and is certified woman-owned.

If you hang around here long enough, you’ll see a couple of faces. Here’s a quick intro to three of them:

Bridget Woodbury (she/her)
owner, etc.

Bridget started drawing as a tiny child and never stopped. You can thank her parents for encouraging her.

Hannah Yeich (they/them)

If you show up to an in-person event or pop-up, you’ll meet Hannah. Bridget is often overheard making them “learn the family business,” which roughly translates to “helping Bridget carry stuff.”

Wednesday the Bat (she/her)
the dog

Wednesday is Bridget’s most beautiful co-worker.