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Hi! My name is Hannah and I am Hot Floss Embroidery. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and I love plants and animals — living or dead. Every day I add a new critter to my list of animals to own, though it’s anyone’s guess if I mean as a pet or a specimen. 

As a young sprout, I was always creating. My father is a mixed media artist and my grandmother is a proficient seamstress, so I spent my childhood dabbling in every form of art I could get my hands on. A very dear neighbor, Ms. Ruth, first taught me to embroider at the age of 7 but I set it aside for many years. Fast forward to the last year of my twenties and embroidery has become my most treasured hobby. I’m so grateful for the foundation of art that I was given at such a young age.

When I proposed to Bridget, I joined the family business by default. I also decided I wanted a creative hobby for when she was drawing, so I raided her embroidery supplies, amassed a collection of hundreds of skeins of threads, and started creating pieces, too!

about the art

I am inspired by everything around me — stuff I see in life, stuff I see on TV, other creatives, and the inside of my weird brain. Pieces range from neon color-blocked pets, to the chickens I wish I owned, to tiny foods that capture my attention, to Baltimore traditions, to miscellaneous gay iconography. 

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Instagram: @hot.floss

Facebook: /hotflossembroidery

Email: hannah@galaxybraindesign.com