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about Wicked Glint

The snapping buzz of a neon sign catches your attention as you nearly pass the cramped storefront. Maybe you’ve seen this place before, but you’ve never stopped in. Tonight, though, you have time to kill. 

You step through the doorway that looms over rain-slicked concrete and feel your skin prickle with ambient electricity. The air itself holds a tension you’ve only felt in the moment before a summer storm, a risky decision, a heartbeat. The hairs on the back of your neck sense that you have entered a liminal space between the familiar and the strange. 

Among the dazzling array of lurid treasures, you search for understanding. There must be a common theme, or a meaning just outside your grasp. You found yourself on a plane that crackles with arch energy. A world where every aside has an inside joke, every skull a toothy grin, every eye a wicked glint.

about the artist

Hannah Tsiopanos makes art, stories, and trouble. Her physical form lives in Baltimore, while her spiritual self lives in the house from Practical Magic. She has a very beautiful, very bad, perfect dog. If you would like to discover more of Hannah’s work, consider searching her name in your podcast app.

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Twitter: @hannoween

Email: wickedglint@galaxybraindesign.com