hiring Bridget

I'm currently taking new graphic design + publication design clients by referral only.

I started my adult life as a freelance opera and theater stage manager and I’ve been building brands and websites — specifically this brand and this website — ever since. After half a decade of the stage management grind, I earned a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Arts Administration and spent 3 years revamping and strengthening the brand of the membership program at a national service organization. After I left that job, I moved to Baltimore and started working full time on design projects under the sole proprietorship, bridget makes stuff! Since that move, in December of 2018, I've earned a Graduate Certificate in User Experience to codify and contextualize everything I taught myself and formed Galaxy Brain Design, LLC.

In addition to branding + website work, I make commissioned pieces like t-shirt and apparel, podcast covers, book covers, and promotional campaigns.

I love working with small businesses — especially businesses owned by women, people of color, and queer folks — and I'd love to support your creative or community-focused business!