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Galaxy Brain Design

Snap to the Heart

Snap to the Heart

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Embroidered anatomical heart and two flowers on black fabric with snapping turtle jaw bone. 5” hoop.

All bones and furs used in my pieces are found in nature or are sourced from antique shops, small food hunters, or vetted small businesses. It is my belief that nothing taken from life should be wasted- this includes bones and pelts from animals hunted as a food source, as well as vintage pieces. My goal is to give new life to these items in a respectful manner that guarantees them to be honored for years to come.

Please note: The laws on purchase or possession of wildlife vary greatly from state to state. It is THE BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW THE LAWS OF THEIR STATE. Information can be found through the state’s local game department.

Due to the United States Export Laws, we will not ship any product containing wildlife material to addresses outside of the US.

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