Avant Bard | new logo design

In its 30th season, the theatre completed the transition from Washington Shakespeare Company to WSC Avant Bard to Avant Bard Theatre. To align with this change, I’m working on a full rebrand for the company. One element of this is a redesigned logo intended to better match the way that theatre leadership is thinking about the work the company does. For Avant Bard, a focus on classics doesn’t limit itself to ancient classics or the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries — it includes other established greats, like Tennessee Williams, and “new classics”: modern pieces with characteristics that put them among the more traditional canon in caliber and importance.

Here you can see the final logo, as well as each step of the design process:

Personal Project | OCD mini-book

I completed this series of illustrations about my experience with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety for instagram.

oh nOCDidn’t illustration series

Personal Project | true crime podcast covers

I created these podcast covers as part of Lauren Hom’s homwork challenge.

Wine and Crime is hosted by three friends — Kenyon Laing, Lucy Fitzgerald, and Amanda Jacobson — and they get drunk and talk about true crime. Living the dream, amiright?

The Sinisterhood Podcast is hosted by two Dallas-based comedians, Christie Wallace and Heather McKinney, and it focused on a different true crime, cult, or creepy topic each week.

Team Brunette | t-shirt designs

Illustration: Wu-Tang Clan logo parody. The shape of the wu-tang symbol says "Bru" and instead of WU-TANG across the middle, it says "BRU-TANG"

I’ve designed two shirts for Team Brunette — half of a fundraising organization called Blondes vs Brunettes DC, which raises money for the Alzheimer’s Association. The shirts are sold to team-members and their friends and families as an additional fundraiser. Gallery