Therapy Helps an Axo-Lot-l Holographic Bookmark


These bookmarks were born after a customer posted on their story about what to give to kiddos starting therapy for the first time. I started therapy when I was 9, so I have a lot of feelings about how to make kids feel like therapy can be safe and to help them — not a punishment because they’re a bad kid!

They are available for $5 or $10, but you will only receive one in the mail — the different prices reflect the number of free bookmarks I can set aside to give to teachers, counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, and therapists for free because of your order!

$5 orders = 3 free bookmarks
$10 orders = 9 free bookmarks!

I hope they help therapists welcoming kids for the first time, but also I’m keeping one for the next time I wanna cancel a session.

Click here to buy a poster for $30 and help 20 kids get free bookmarks!

Additional information

how many bookmarks would you like to subsidize?

3, 9


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