Welcome! I keep pieces I love here for as long as I love them! Scroll down to “pieces with a backstory” for a better look at my artistic (+ thought) process!

current faves

pieces with a backstory

fruit vulvas

One night while we were laying in bed, my fiancé asked me to draw them a strawberry vagina. They promptly forgot about this, but as an OCD-American, I am blessed/cursed to remember all of their little whims, so a few weeks later I was like “hey, is this what you wanted?” and they were like […]

Retro motel sign that says "Sects Sell." Has an arrow around the right curve of the sign with neon lightbulbs

sects sell

Sects Sell was series that combines my unhealthy fascination with cults, sects, and coercive control and my passion for ads, logos, and graphic design. Each piece is inspired by a cult and a retro design style — motel signs, magazine ads, book covers, and more. The full series had about 50 pieces.

family portraits

Christmas 2021 is the first year that our family of five celebrated as a family of eight. My sister got married in the small lull between Delta and Omicron in September of 2021 and my brother and I both got engaged shortly thereafter. My siblings are my favorite people on the planet and I wanted […]

an entire tarot deck

Between August 17, 2020 and March 13, 2021, I illustrated a full tarot deck. The combination of quarantine and 6+ weeks of unexplained hives made me anxious and frustrated and I had been itching — pun intended —for a creative project and a lens through which to process my feelings. Rather than picking a really […]

random sketchbook pages