tarot therapy, part III

Missed the intro to this series? Read about it here. This is the second half of the suit of wands: seven through king.


The seven of wands represents protection and perseverance — usually depicting someone defending their territory. Verbena symbolizes protection, but it also symbolizes healing. It’s a reminder to me that I don’t need to be fighting for things constantly and it’s okay for me to rest.

icelandic poppy

Upright, the eight of wands is about movement and fast-paced change; reversed it represents delays and frustration.

I picked the Icelandic poppy for this one. To be honest, I was trying to find a place of poppies in this suit and at first I couldn’t. But then I started thinking about WHY I wanted poppies and the answer was 50% because I think they look cool and 50% because I watched the Wizard of Oz every day as a little kid.

To me, the poppies in that movie represent a choice to get stuck or move forward and thats’s the choice that the eight of wands presents you with. As a person with severe anxiety, I often need to remind myself that I get to decide if I want to dwell or move forward.


The nine of wands is courage, perseverance, and strong boundaries — which are not my strong suit. This flower is closely related to the poinsettia.

I like the idea of using them to symbolize protecting myself because

a. While they do emit poison, you have to fuck with them to get poisoned and

b. they’re bright red, as a warning, so you’re fucking with them at your own risk.


The ten of wands represents hard work, burdens, and extra responsibility. It’s often represented by a person who is hunched over, so I picked fuschia, my favorite hanging plant. The flowers bend the stem, without breaking it,.

flowering apricot

The page of wands represents ideas, inspiration, potential, and a free spirit.

These are apricot flowers, which grow on an (imo) underrated flowering tree. I think they’re weird and beautiful and when I think about openness and creative inspiration, I think weird and beautiful

firecracker plant

The knight of wands is energy, passion, and adventure. I was about to tell you that I picked the firecracker plant because it’s the same color as adventures firecracker plant because it’s the same color as adventures, but I’m realizing that assigning colors to concepts isn’t a thing everyone does.

I think these are my adventure colors because I am obsessed with volcanos and the natural, neon, day-glo color of lava.


The queen of wands represents courage, confidence, independence, and determination. I picked dahlias.

There are a bunch of reasons they’re. a good match for this card: there are hundreds of kinds of dahlias; I love drawing them; I associate reds and purples with courage.

The reason I picked them, tho, is that I wanted to put them here and I felt like not-second-guessing-myself was the energy I wanted to give this card.


The king of wands represents vision, leadership, and entrepreneurship. For me, those concepts are tied into my identity — I like that my first impulse in the hardest times is to dream a big dream and then make it come true. I picked the lotus because it represents rebirth and enlightenment, and each time I build something for myself in a hard moment, I’m a step closer to whatever comes next.

Tell me what you think!