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about me + my (galaxy) brain

Like it says up there, I’m Bridget! I’m a white, cis, queer woman making art in and around Baltimore, MD + Washington, DC — on unceded Susquehannock, Piscataway, and Nanticoke land. I have OCD + RBF, a killer therapist, and an enduring love for pizza.

My personal art practice centers around mental health, bein’ gay, and, idk, what it means to be a good person in a society? I work in both digital and analog formats and my work features a lot of natural elements like plants, celestial bodies, and geographical features. It’s vaguely autobiographical and very honest.

Fun facts about free time are sort of fraught in the days of COVID, but in the before-times, I was usually playing football or hanging out a a dive bar or yelling 90s lyrics at my friends. There’s a lot of inherent face-to-face contact in all of those activities, though, so these days I’m honestly drawing like 90% of the time or watching TV or yelling 90s lyrics at my roommates and fiancé ONLY.

I also work with graphic design and publication design clients — if that’s what you’re looking for, you can learn more about that below, but please keep in mind that my roster of clients is pretty full right now!

just wanna know what tf a galaxy brain is?