I’m Bridget and I own Galaxy Brain Design.

Galaxy Brain encompasses my personal art practice, commissioned artwork, and business design services.

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Wondering who’s behind the brain? 

Like I said, I’m Bridget! I live and work in the DC/Baltimore area, usually alongside Wednesday the Bat (the dog). I’m a bi woman (she/her pronouns, please!) and I have OCD and general anxiety disorder. Pizza is my truest love. 

My personal art practice centers around mental health, queerness, and, idk, what it means to be a good person in a society? I work in both digital and analog formats and my work features a lot of natural elements like plants, celestial bodies, and geographical features. It’s vaguely autobiographical and very honest.

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, but I came to design in a bit of a roundabout fashion. 

I started my adult life as a freelance opera and theater stage manager and I’ve been building brands and websites — specifically this brand and this website — ever since. After half a decade of the stage management grind, I earned a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Arts Administration and spent 3 years revamping and strengthening the brand of the membership program at a national service organization. After I left that job, I moved to Baltimore and started bridget makes stuff! I earned a Graduate Certificate in User Experience to codify and contextualize everything I taught myself!

Fun facts about free time are sort of fraught in the days of COVID, but in the before-times, I was usually playing football or hanging out a a dive bar or yelling 90s lyrics at my friends. There’s a lot of inherent face-to-face contact in all of those activities, thought, so these days I’m honestly drawing like 90% of the time or watching TV or yelling 90s lyrics at my roommates ONLY.

If you’re into a more formal intro, you can check out my resume and client prospectus on the hire page! Thanks for being here!

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