About Galaxy Brain Design


Galaxy Brain Design sells art + gifts for people that love big feelings + little mysteries. Of course we have big feelings about things like queerness, mental health, and what it means to be a good person in a broken society, but we cope like Dana Scully: digging into little mysteries like cryptids, ghosts, and the insane fish that live in the deepest parts of the ocean.

GBD was founded is 2018 and incorporated in 2020 by Bridget Woodbury, who is thrilled to regularly collab with her two favorite Hannahs: the Hannah she's bound to by marriage + the Hannah she's bound to by a manic dog and a Vampire Diaries podcast.

  • Bridget | artist + owner

    Bridget Woodbury (she/her) founded GBD in 2018 as Bridget Makes Stuff. She incorporated Galaxy Brain Design, LLC in 2020. A queer woman making art on unceded Piscataway territory — aka in the DC metro area — her art reflects her love of big feelings and little mysteries.

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  • Hannah | artist + operations

    Hannah Yeich Woodbury (they/them) is a native Baltimoron with an affinity for plants and animals — living + dead. While Hot Floss was coined in 2022, Hannah has been practicing mixed media art since early childhood and primarily employs natural elements and killer dad puns. 

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  • Hannah | artist

    Hannah Tsiopanos (she/her) makes art, stories, and trouble. Her physical form lives in Baltimore, while her spiritual self lives in the house from Practical Magic.

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