fruit vulvas

One night while we were laying in bed, my fiancé asked me to draw them a strawberry vagina. They promptly forgot about this, but as an OCD-American, I am blessed/cursed to remember all of their little whims, so a few weeks later I was like "hey, is this what you wanted?" and they were like "yes, but I did not know that until now." Pretty fun party trick, TBQH. Anyway, I finished the strawberry after I dropped my most recent product line and it hit me right in that sweet spot where I never want to perform another administrative task again, so I'm building out a series! My goal is to get a rainbow of vulvas illustrated by March 1 so I can share them as a print (and maybe as pins??) for pride. I'll add them below as I complete them! Follow me on IG @GalaxyBrainDesign, or subscribe to my newsletter in the sidebar to be notified when the series is available!

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